EDITEXPRESS™ is our quick-turnaround, on-demand proofreading and editing service, designed to help busy professionals ensure that their important documents, brochures, proposals, articles, manuals, announcements, web pages, and more are free of typos, grammatical and factual errors, and inconsistencies.  All EDITEXPRESS™ orders are priced with a 2-hour minimum, so sending lengthy or multiple documents in one order is more cost-effective.

How It Works
EDITEXPRESS™ is the easiest way to have your documents quickly reviewed and cleaned up by a professional editor. Here is the process—and remember—the EDITEXPRESS™ Managing Editor is always available to assist you.

Step 1: Send Document

Contact us with your request and we'll get in touch with you to help you send your document.

Step 2: Approve Quote

Our EDITEXPRESS™ Managing Editor will review your document and get back to you with a price quote.

Step 3: Assign Editor

The Managing Editor assigns your document to a member of our experienced EDITEXPRESS™ review team. The Managing Editor will choose the most appropriate reviewer depending on the level of edit, file format required, schedule, need for subject matter expertise, and availability.

Step 4: Deliver and Follow Up

Our EDITEXPRESS™ Managing Editor will deliver the work according to the agreed-upon schedule, will ensure all expectations have been met, and, only then, we will bill you for the work.